Volunteer Stories

nick small

Okay, so I’ll come clean here. My mom is the Executive Director for Amplify Life. The first time I volunteered at camp, I tagged along mainly so she’d have a travel buddy on the long ride to camp. But when I get there, it’s a really cool place with really some awesome people. The campers are people with disabilities. The funny things is, when you’re at camp it doesn’t feel like they are any different than you or me. We’re all there having a great time making the most out of life. The counselors are all really cool people with different interests. The one thing they all have in common is that they really love making a difference in someone’s life. I think if you’re going to be a part of Amplify Life in any way, that’s at the heart of why you do it.


I got involved with Camp Lotsafun in 2011. I cannot tell you the joy and excitement I feel when I am around our campers. I have spent several trips riding the bus to and from camp and it is always a pure joy. Our campers touch my heart and I will always hold a special place in my life for Amplify Life and all the friends I have made by being involved.


I love coming to camp Lotsafun because the campers are always so happy and playful. I can relive my own camp days and join the campers in discovery of new talents and arts. Camp is a time of great fun and learning in a non stressful environment.