Our son, Jacob, has attended Camp Lotsafun since he was 7 years old. He’s now 17. This summer will be the first time he doesn’t attend and it’s bittersweet. He’s been accepted into the College Living Experience summer exploration program in Denver. It’s a great opportunity to get a feel for college life and learn some vital life skills.

We truly believe that part of the reason he’s ready for this experience away from home is because his yearly experiences at Camp Lotsafun have always been so positive, confidence-building, and FUN! Thank you.

While we’ll miss meeting all the new people at drop off and greeting the familiar ones (like nurse Sandy), we’re excited for Jacob’s new adventures. We hope he will have time in his busy schedule to join you all again next summer (or maybe in Fall or even Spring) for lots of fun!

chris r

My name is Christopher and I’m a camper at Camp Lotsafun. I have been coming to camp since the summer of 2011. I always enjoy all the fun activities and have made lasting friendships, making me want to come back.

Camp Lotsafun has brought me closer to people who accept me for who I really am.

cindy p

Our son Michael has Autism. He is almost 21 years old with a language delay and has been attending Camp Lotsafun for the past 5 years. I wish I would have sent Michael to Camp lotsafun when he was ready for it, instead of when I was ready for him to go! But how could I do that when I, his mother, understands his wants and needs and what he is trying to say? Well, let me tell you, this camp has opened up a whole new world for our family.

For Michael, it is the opportunity to experience camp that otherwise would not be available to him. It is a camp where he is with his own peers. He has grown to be independent, be confident and has grown so much socially that I see new changes in him each time he returns home from camp. He has made friends with his fellow campers and counselors and to see him greet them by name, hugs and high-fives when we take him to the bus for camp makes our hearts soar. He is in a safe, secure environment with a camp nurse on site 24/7 and enough counselors on hand to keep an eye on our campers, ready to mentor them if needed, yet keeping a safe distance to encourage their independence.

I quickly learned that Michael does great away from me and makes his wants and needs known on his own. When we pick him up at the bus after camp each time he excitedly “talks” to us about all of his great adventures, the rope course, wacky Olympics, swimming, kayaking, scooter hockey, campfires and s’mores and let’s not forget the talent contest and dance! The campers are kept busy from the time they wake up until the time their heads hit the pillows.

For my husband and I, it’s a chance for us to spend some much needed time alone. We can sleep at night soundly without an ear open listening for Michael and sleep in if we want to also! We go on dates to the movies, lunch, baseball games or out with friends. By the end of the week I remember why I fell in love with my husband in the first place all those years ago! But yes, by the end of the week we are also looking forward to Michael being home again. Even after all these years of him attending camp 3 or 4 times a year, I still carry my cell phone with me everywhere just in case they need to call me. But they never have. Michael does great on his own, loves it and has a blast. And he has spread his wings and learned to fly on his own. It’s amazing how much good old fashion fun he can have without his Gameboy and Videos.

I love that my son has the camping experience. I usually don’t let Gabe go anywhere, but at this camp I know he will be well cared for!

Camp Lotsafun/Amplify Life is a wonderful organization where kids, teens and adults can go and have fun regardless of their disability. A place where they will be safe and accepted. And we the parents appreciate the “respite” it provides us!!

Camp gives Gage something of his ‘own’ where he is accepted and fits in. It helps build his confidence and self-esteem.

Shannon looks forward all year to her camp trips. She often has told me she has had “The time of her life” at camp!

This is the best experience our daughter ever had!

Tim loves camp and looks forward to going each year. The highlight of his year is Camp Lotsafun!

Esteban LOVES everything about camp: the bus ride, activities, staff, food!!  Everything about this program has been wonderful!  I only wish we lived closer.  Other offerings sound fun!