Our programs are designed for individuals with special needs. It’s a safe and nurturing environment where every camper, regardless of their disability, is embraced by all of us and free to be the awesome person they are. While there are other camps who serve our population, we are unique because we never age anyone out of our programs. Our oldest camper is currently 70 plus!

We have requirements that all campers must meet to qualify for camp. See ‘Who Can We Accommodate?’ and ‘What Age Do You Need To Be For Camp?’ in this section to determine if we can meet your child needs at camp.

All new campers go through a determination process with us before attending camp. This process begins with a phone interview with one of our staff members. We’ll create an initial evaluation on your camper. You’ll also speak with our registered nurse. Then we’ll make a determination if can meet your child’s needs.

Beyond this process, families often know a child is ready for camp because they tell them. Maybe you have a desire to have your child make new friends, grow socially, or you have a desire to expose to something outside of their normal environment. Whatever the reason, Camp Lotsafun is a life-changing event for both campers and our devoted staff who are fortunate to also learn and grow from this wonderful population!

The benefits each person takes away from the camp experience is as unique as our campers are. Our programs provide all of the traditional camp experiences one would expect from any camp. Archery, sports, challenge courses, campfires, hiking, arts and crafts, music, drama, water activities, and more. We place special emphasis on fostering independence, life and social skills, learning through therapeutic activities, igniting and sustaining relationships, team building, and inclusion. To read about real life benefits visit our testimonial page where you’ll see real stories from parents, caregivers, volunteers, and participants.

Our programs do not require any previous camp experience. However we do have criteria a camper must meet to attend. Please see ‘Who Can Attend Camp’ under this section.

This depends upon the program. Amplify Life runs programs year-round. Sessions sessions average 25 – 65 campers depending upon the type of camp and the season. For complete details please reference each program listed under ‘programming’ on our website.

1:4 = 1 counselor to 4 campers.

Camp Lotsafun is beneficial for any child, teen or adult with a developmental, learning, communication and/or emotional disability. This includes but is not limited to: Autism, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity, Bipolar Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and various intellectual disabilities.

To qualify for all of our overnight camp programs a beneficiary must be capable of our 1:4 counselor:camper ratio. The welfare and safety of our campers is always our number one priority. Beneficiaries meet the following criteria:

Independent in hygiene tasks (toileting, showering, brushing teeth)
Capable of following direction
Responsive to correction of inappropriate behavior
Able to remain with a group
Non-aggressive towards others
Sleep through the night
Able to self-transfer independently if using a wheel chair
If afflicted by seizures they must be controlled by medication or seizure free for a period of time

For campers requiring more assistance we offer day programs that allow for them to bring caregivers at no additional charge.

To learn if our program is right for someone you know please contact us.

Campers must be a minimum age of 7 years old to attend. We do not age people out of our system. If a camper meets the criteria for camp and is physically able to do so, they can attend. Our oldest camper is 70+ years young!

Program registration varies depending upon the program. We work diligently to keep our programs affordable. It’s important to note that we subsidize all of our campers in order to achieve this goal.

Programs range in cost from $20 to $50 for day programs; $300 to $450 for 3 to 4 day camps; and $800 for summer camps.

Campers bunk with their counselors in modern cabins. Each cabin sleeps up to 12 people with bunk or twin beds. Cabins feature indoor bathrooms, sinks, and are climate controlled. Cabin bunk assignments are segregated by males and females, then by age.

Showers are located in a separate cabin. There are multiple private shower stalls with curtains and sinks.

All campers and our staff dine together in the Lodge.

Our camp sites are all ADA accessible.

We have a strict company policy that all medications are collected at camp check-in. Medications are stored in the nurse’s station at camp. At designated times each day campers are escorted to the nurses station where their medications are dispensed by Nurse Sandy.