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 In the past year I've spoken with many parents and campers about our new name, Amplify Life, and some of the changes which have occurred within our organization. Change is often fraught with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. So it wasn't surprising that some parents were a little nervous. After all parents, families and caregivers have been entrusting their cherished family members (young and old) to us for decades. So it stands to reason that they wonder exactly what we're up to after all these years by changing our name and stepping back to take a look at how we do things. Some of the things I've heard include, what's with the new name? What does Amplify Life mean exactly? There sure are a lot of changes going on there. My daughter's been coming to camp for 5 years, she loves it, why change? I think folks were concerned we would move away from the core of what made us who we are. I often tried to reassure them by sharing that we only hoped to serve our campers and their families better and more meaningfully.
Interestingly at this same time it was our campers, who are the heart and soul of everything we do and every decision we make, that seemed to embrace our new name. That's the really beautiful thing about our population. Each person is uniquely individual. Like a flake of snow or one of billions of bright stars in the sky, no two are alike. Yet they all have a thread that binds them through their disability, no matter what the label. In the midst of this, they all share an inherent innocence and kindness. They know Camp Lotsafun as a safe and comfortable place they can return to year after year. It's why what we do at Amplify Life is so important. From our board of directors to our small office staff to our seasonal counselors to our volunteers, we all see ourselves as shepherds entrusted with the welfare of very, very special individuals we fondly call our campers. You see I think a name matters less to our campers. What they have grown accustom to is a culture that we emote. Look up the definition of 'culture' on dictionary.com and you'll get a number of possible meanings. My favorite is the definition as it relates to Anthropology (the study of humankind), which is...the sum total of ways of living, built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another. That pretty much sums up Amplify Life...we're a tribe and we're in this together. It's that continued culture that is our promise to you.
The idea to build a new website was conceived late last year. It's thoughtfully tied to our desire to deliver more. Our undertaking was no small feat because we didn't just want to market our business. Nor did we want to build something that was like every other website. We wanted to create a web environment as unique as our campers. One that provides our families and campers with resources and tools to learn and grow. We are so proud of this site because it tells The Story of Us...our campers, our families, our volunteers, our counselors, our community, our Amplify Life. We invite you to explore the new Amplify Life, Home of Camp Lotsafun website. There is all sorts of magic waiting.



Until next time...carry on and keep smiling.
Gayla Ouellette

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