We have requirements that all campers must meet to qualify for camp. See ‘Who Can We Accommodate?’ and ‘What Age Do You Need To Be For Camp?’ in this section to determine if we can meet your child needs at camp.

All new campers go through a determination process with us before attending camp. This process begins with a phone interview with one of our staff members. We’ll create an initial evaluation on your camper. You’ll also speak with our registered nurse. Then we’ll make a determination if can meet your child’s needs.

Beyond this process, families often know a child is ready for camp because they tell them. Maybe you have a desire to have your child make new friends, grow socially, or you have a desire to expose to something outside of their normal environment. Whatever the reason, Camp Lotsafun is a life-changing event for both campers and our devoted staff who are fortunate to also learn and grow from this wonderful population!