Employee Giving

For many companies, giving is ingrained in their culture and a cornerstone of their corporate citizenship.  Many companies encourage their employees to make charitable contributions by offering workplace giving programs, through which your contributions are deducted directly from your paycheck and often contributions are matched by the company. Ask your human resource department whether your company offers this giving opportunity.

Examples of how your monthly contribution can make a difference :

  • $5/month will allow two people to experience all the fun of a 1-day program.
  • $15/month can provide shirt for camp to tie-dye.
  • $20/month can provide valuable therapeutic projects for 58 people at a summer camp session.
  • $25/month will provide a scholarship for fall or spring camp.
  • $41/month can provide camper bus transportation one-way to camp.
  • $58/month will provide a scholarship for one week at summer camp.